The Value of Life, the Meaning of Death

Have you ever wonder why we live? What’s the purpose of our existence?

Most people wouldn’t even bother to understand their existence, since they know their limits or they give up understanding it, or they are just too dumb to fathom complex concepts.

We in the society have always countered suicidal events, why the kids or the persons want to die so badly to end their lives?


Racism—If You Think It’s Racist, It’s Racist

Racism, a word that’s prevalent these days. There is no objective racism, only subjective.

Whenever you are making race a big deal, it’s racist. Emphasizing race this action is racist.

The initiative of racism is to treat every soul equal—race, gender, sexuality anything that objectifies a human. It’s a beautiful wish, but very impractical.


10 Types of Women

1. The Mainstream Type

The type appeals to most men, she appears in every media form and oftentimes the female protagonist. She’s loving, caring, understanding. And being submissive and emotional. We all think this type of girl is prevalent, but apparently it’s dead wrong. They are, not, that common. Otherwise how are they the protagonist?


The Case Study of SnapChat

Today, let’s talk about one company. SnapChat, Snap Inc.

The company is a rising star in today’s social media industry, and slowly expanding its share in the market.

SnapChat timeline
SnapChat is co-founded by two Stanford students, Evan Spiegel and Bobby Murphy in 2012.

In today’s context, SnapChat can be referred to as an overnight success. The duo had started a company called Future Freshman before and it failed in less than 7 months. Later, they started Picaboo, which was SnapChat’s original concept, in mid 2012. After the official launch of the app, which was SnapChat, the app exploded in about a year. Users skyrocketed “overnight”, the app suddenly became viral and over popular.


The Third Generation of Internet Companies

We are currently at the third generation of Internet companies, and their mature phase. Before the third generation, there were Apple, Microsoft, Intel etc. as the first generation of Internet companies. They started from 70s to 90s. Later, came the second generation of Internet companies, Facebook, Youtube and Google. They prospered in the 2000s to 2010s. And in recent times, 2010s to 2017, came the third generation. Instagram, Snapchat, Netflix, Uber etc. And apparently we are heading towards the fourth generation and companies are in the rise, such as Oculus (VR company), Didi Chuxing (Chinese Uber-mode company), Tesla (vintage electrical cars company), Mobike (bike-sharing company) etc.


Not the Type of Detective Movie I Expect – Murder on the Orient Express Review

For a fair amount of times watching the advertisement of this movie, it got me really interested for a go.

After this bland 120 minutes, my instinct was proved wrong.

The directing really sucks. Basically, in the first half of the movie, many scenes looked so forced. How the victim died; how the detective entered the room full of suspects and announced the tragedy; and how the train manager (called Brook I suppose?) was so appalled there was a dead body in the cabin, etc. None of these sequences are natural, they all look like actors are trying their best to simulate a murder scene and react as “supposed to”. There didn’t seem like anything that is a genuine and normal reaction but all forced upon.


Book Recommendation: Blood, Sweat, and Pixels by Jason Schreier

This book might as well could be the contemporary analysis and reports for video game industry, and a very thorough and well crafted one.

The author Jason Schreier (News Editor on Kotaku) is a credible writer very active and popular on

Blood, Sweat and Pixels dissects thoroughly on the lives of thousands of developers and studios. A very “vertical slice” of video game industry itself.



I never really talked about this before.

Many people stressed about the importance of books. Books, today, have changed much since decades ago, by fully embracing the digital world.

Book to me, is merely a carrier of information. In the old times, old people would always tell you that reading books is healthy for life. Right now, the way I read books and think about books has definitely changed over time.