The Value of Life, the Meaning of Death

Have you ever wonder why we live? What’s the purpose of our existence?

Most people wouldn’t even bother to understand their existence, since they know their limits or they give up understanding it, or they are just too dumb to fathom complex concepts.

We in the society have always countered suicidal events, why the kids or the persons want to die so badly to end their lives?


About Fakery

Chinese have this tendency that they always try to circumvent something, by using typical or special methods, shortcuts, to get what they want.

This probably has to do with how the country’s political system works, that many existing restrictions have been limiting people for decades. People have their wants, and the wants need to be fulfilled, so they think about “different” ways to acquire the things they want.


Talk Like TED, a Few Tips for a Better Presentation by Carmine Gallo

Talk Like TED is a book all about public presentation, and especially, TED presentations.

In this book, Carmine Gallo pointed out a few tips for how one can improve his/her public speaking skills. However, Gallo did not delve deeper onto the concepts and issues he talked about in the book. So, overall, the book seems to be aimed at the general public rather than avid readers/learners. As I had a hard time contemplating what the actual techniques the book had talked about.


How to Tell a Joke

As I am not really a professional in this field of study, I’ve only understood some concepts of humor.

Jokes have millions of forms, and millions of stories. A nicely delivered joke has multiple factors to actually trigger the laugh from audience.

Twist, unexpectedness, incongruence, and many other elements constitute a good laugh for audience.


Machine Learning and Its Current State

The goal of machine learning is to let computers possess the ability to learn. Just like human.

Through training, humans can “understand” an object. And the computer scientists are also trying to bestow this kind of ability onto computers. Hoping that, one day, AI can truly manifest as intelligent programs.


Commercializing Education? NO.

I’m a strong advocator against commercializing education. As things that would most likely benefit the public should be as free as possible and as reachable as possible.

Education, healthcare, necessity food etc. Things that can go non-profit should just go non-profit.

Education, knowledge for everybody in other words, should be a public service. However, it’s been quite obvious that many people nowadays are still charging people for insane amount of fees to access these knowledge.


What Does a Matriarchy Look Like?

The world today seems to put a lot emphases on its political agenda, although the direction is unclear, people are just generally arguing for the arguing sake. Nonetheless, it brought me some curiosity for a world where males are no longer dominant.


So first, picture what would a matriarchy look like? Is some type of Amazon tribes that are completely under the leadership of women? Or a society where women are simply heralded? Or something else?


Typical Love Scenes Under Pop Culture

So in pop culture, typically romantic dramas. Screenwriters love to lay out a delicately woven web for the polygon relationships between characters, and name them as some sort of “destined” combination.

Cliche. But audience love it, love this kind of drama and also destiny for everyone scenario.