The Value of Life, the Meaning of Death

Have you ever wonder why we live? What’s the purpose of our existence?

Most people wouldn’t even bother to understand their existence, since they know their limits or they give up understanding it, or they are just too dumb to fathom complex concepts.

We in the society have always countered suicidal events, why the kids or the persons want to die so badly to end their lives?


The Methods to Balance/Control High Fe for ENFJs or How to Push Away Anxieties and Stay Calm Being a Sensitive One


Whether you are or not sometimes you will always be accused of or feel it yourself.

Due to the high Fe of this personality trait, ENFJs always suffer from their sensitivity. Also a benefit for ENFJs, it’s a double-edge sword. Highly sensitive makes ENFJs more sophisticated and easily drained from emotional affairs.

You definitely have these experiences when you’re simply exhausted from social interactions, whether it’s a breakup, the loss of a good friend or other tiresome social activities. These activities are emotional burdens as to everyone, but due to high Fe, ENFJs would always invest much more than others into the activities they love.

So here comes the question, how to balance yourself more on the emotional state to make you more healthy and withstandable so that you don’t get drained very often?

There are many solutions to this. But first thing needs to be tackled, is the high sensitivity.

I normally stay very calm and peace around myself, but if I enter some vulnerable time, I’ll get very sensitive and overreactive on things normally shouldn’t. This is bad for mental health, you’ll get anxious over time if you stay long in this period.

So, solution #1: Meditate


This is the most effective method to tackle anything that causes anxiety. First, calm down yourself. If you can’t, don’t worry, just stop. Stop everything on your hand. Don’t mind it’s in a work or you’re walking. Just stop, physically stop.

If you want to create peace first you have to be at peace. Stop, literally.

Second, find somewhere quiet and open space. If you are not able to move around, it’s fine either, just dive your spiritual self into a big, pure white cube zone. Imagine you’re at the center of the cube, or the base center, the center of everything of your realm.

Third, calm yourself. After the process of you and your spiritual self’s meeting, calm your nerve, calm your soul. Try to talk to your spiritual self. For me, everyone has an alter ego inside their brains, so you need to pull that ego out of the abyss and connect with him. He/She’s the true form of yourself. If you have a hard time calming down yourself, do Deep Breaths. 

How to deep breathe?
1. Stay/Keep still. A little movement is tolerable, remember the key part is to calm your heart.
2. Close your eyes, make everything slow down. 
3. Start to inhale. Keep it slow. Inhale until you feel the air is filling up your stomach/belly.
4. Keep the air little bit, or stay the state. Then exhale naturally, follow the flow.
5. Cycle the steps, make it more naturally, until you feel like you can leave everything off of you for a moment, and concentrate yourself on the talk with your spiritual own.


Price or Value? Choose Superficiality or Prosperity?

A country that is built massively on superficiality is doomed to fail.

The equivalent of superficiality is price.

The primary principle of market is that value is always before price. Because price is the reflection of value, and people give value to things so that makes them priced.

China’s society is on some level, built on massive superficiality, which is hurting the society and its people within.


PISA Test, Education System Ranking and Thoughts Behind China’s Education System

Read Constantine Zou's answer to Is China's education system a good model for the United States' education system to copy? Has any U.S. politician ever thought of this idea before? on Quora

Typically, in this article, I compared the two superpowers public education systems, the US vs China. And deep in heart we both know that the two’s public education systems are troublesome. 



I think I have talked about luck many times now.

Luck is never arbitrary, it shall never be taken for granted.

Everything happens for a reason, there’s a cause so that there’s a consequence.

Luck is one of the thousands consequences which boost your actions.

People think that lottery is arbitrary, think good stuff happens for no reason. There is a reason for the good stuff is happening to you, not others.


Harmony Seeker

As an ENFJ, I think I’m the one that swells in the environment composed of harmony.

But I’m not really an INFP who can create harmony, so I guess I’m a seeker that is constantly attracted to harmony situations.

And even apart from this, in China, the traditional view of Taoism is to create harmony, which is what I believe. Not just Taoism, Zhongyong (中庸, talking about seeking a middle method to balance both contradictory sides) is something I’m holding dearly.


Stupidity and Arrogance

The philosophers have only interpreted the world, in various ways. The point, however, is to change it.

–Karl Marx

There are the two things going to kill humanity:

stupidity and arrogance.


Inside China, the major problems include the vast amount of stupidity that is continuously poisoning the society.


Machinery and Humanity

It’s always a two paths fork in front of human and always a one way road in front of machine.

We built machines. As us humans.

We built something that only follows rules, nothing other than rules. Very loyal and very submissive servant – machine.

Machine only follows rules, it follows its creator’s commands, it always obeys, never mutinies.