Overwatch Heroes’ Names Origins

Here are some of the guesses and thoughts from me and others.

Tracer is because she blinks like a trace round.

Widowmaker is just the spider thematic also the part where she made herself a widow by killing her husband.

Reaper was given to Reyes because people say that he looks like the grim reaper.

Some names like Pharah and Zarya are nicknames to pronounce their names easier, fareeha amari and alexandra zaryanova, respectively.


About Death

Humans are wired to be afraid to death. It’s an instinct of the very raw subconsciousness.

I once asked my grandma whether she’s afraid of death, she says she’s about to death and she’s not that scared of death itself. She’s already 76 years old, she’s old enough and had enough of what she was meant to have as the role and class she attended in the society in her lifetime.