How to Make Google Search Results Accurate

From recent years, ever since Google made that big changed, Panda Update, in 2011, Google search has started to become vague and inaccurate.

In the search bar, you need to type in several key words to get the exact result you want. And sometimes, even so you can’t get the right result on your mind. This sucks.


WordPress Permalinks Changed 404 Page Not Found Solution

So a lot of people would encounter this problem when they try to change the permalink option to look more like this or this or simply


Travel, and the Importance of Picking Right Companions

Travel is something that enriches yourself and expands the horizon.

The last two travels of mine are not very satisfying because I was with the wrong men as companions. It’s crucial to have the right ones to accompany you. With the wrong person, you’re only going to have the unexpected and unwanted journey, which is like shitting on you.


What a World to be Invincible

By expanding more of your current horizon, you find that the world is full of diversities and opportunities.

Imagine the world is a vortex and you are right at the eye of the hurricane. You see things, things you could have done, all the amazing and crazy things you can do, at this young age, in your youth, in everything you can grasp within your reach, just give it some efforts.


How to Set up Google Adsense on WordPress

This month earlier, Google had announced they are deprecating the Google Adsense official plugin from WordPress. 

That’s a bad news for everyone using it, since it’s really handy for people who don’t know codes and it’s easy with its visualized interface.

I have searched pretty much any alternatives that can compare with it – WP QUADSGoogle AdSense by BestWebSoftEasy Plugin for AdSenseAd Inserter, Advanced Ads etc. But none of these has the visualized interface as Google and they will charge you if you want fancy features, such as, adding an ad at the header.


Marxism, Communism I – Understanding of Economic & Philosophic Manuscripts of 1844 by Karl Marx


Marx sympathizes with workers – the working class.

He thinks if the society wants to achieve a happy state, then it must need supplement its workers first. The workers are the biggest portion in a society, that’s how he thinks.

Across all lines, you can see the antagony towards capitals from Marx. He hates it so much and he thinks that the capitals do not care about the fluctuations of the market, thus being ignoring and indifferent towards the live or die of their workers.


The Art of Freerunning and Exotic Fairyland – Prince of Persia Review

Once upon a time, when I was 10 or maybe 11. That was the first time I played Prince of Persia 4 back in 2008.

That time, the video game industry wasn’t as flourished as today’s, but the franchise Prince of Persia held a pretty dense weight. It was the renowned franchise of action video games, could say that nothing competes it in the pure hack and slash world. And Prince of Persia had also inspired the following action games, transformed the whole action genre. Back then, if you ask some game enthusiasts for Prince of Persia, they definitely know the black-haired prince who slashes his way out of all kinds of predicaments. And the famous wall-running was basically every teen boy’s dream move.