Another War Thought

From now, I more and more think of that war is a stimulation for the plain dull human lives. Human needs excitement, stimulation, they crave for thrills enchanted to nerves.

And objectively, war is not all bad. Though it does bring down the benefits of peace, but it also can accelerate the evolution of technology and all other progressing fields of human societies.

War not only forcibly brings the conqueror’s culture , but also explodes new possibilities and varieties for prewar primitive cultures.

Human’s wars are not just the bloodshed, tons of millions people get killed, it also resolves the temporary conflicts between two cultures/nations.

Though I do have to add that I don’t want to die, I want to live long and peacefully, but it doesn’t seem like it’s something I can be in charge of. China’s gonna throw out an all out war towards Japan in the possible near future, 20, 30 years maybe. It’s not like I can tell China’s government to not attack Japan, it’s not like I can prevent the war from happening.

Which makes me thinking of wars, as a pacifist, now I have considered the merits and defects of wars, and the justifiable and criticizable nature of wars.

War lies within the human nature, it’s not something we want to get rid of that easily. Human loves the thrills and nerve-tingling of wars, not only this, the victor of the war can take all of the resources of loser’s. We, as human, living on this planet, it’s all about the contending for more resources, winner gets to live, and could be distributed more resources.

It’s just the way of humans.

Fights are normal in human life, think of war as a more aggressive and upgraded fight of two powers. From macro-perspective, it’s also normal as there are always conflicts and there is always the final resort for the conflicts.

From historical perspective, it’s impossible for human to not have war in 100 years, think about it, from the start of Anno Domini, how many wars have human fought? And the battles and campaigns in the wars, and other unlisted small regional conflicts of humans.

War never stops, not even in 100 years, there’s no peace to talk about.

And we’re just a beginning race that has built our civilizations just from the past 6 millennia. What are we, right? Even dinosaurs existed longer than us.

Are we gonna doom ourselves by wars? No I don’t think so, unless everybody starts to go maniac and kills everyone on sight. But that’s not gonna happen. Follow the real world rules, resources are the prime alpha of all, we fight, we war, for the petering resources on this planet. But now now, not only natural resources, but also other resources the country possesses.

That’s pretty much the case. You know, I personally kinda want to join forces after the war explodes, yeah, well, thinking no better places to go. World after the explosion of war is always a shit hole, everybody starts to gone mad, it could reveal the deepest evils and sins of human nature. I better go to military and be an officer, some communication officer, and then join the army or navy or airforce whatever, die on the battlefield, before I had taken at least three hundred or four hundred motherfuckers lives.

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