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The Study of Gender Problem of Current Society and the Rise of Modern Feminism

The past few years are the period when feminism is getting higher and more attention.

Modern feminism requests more “rights” for women, more anything that men possess. Take a look at this video then you can easily fathom what this concept is.

The video is more of a satire than an advocacy to me. In the end they are asking wanting more, wanting what more? What do you want? Right? 😯 

The title is very obvious now, with the uprising of women force, this group of people, or females should I say, is constantly seeking attention and more support in society to help complete their cause. The modern feminism is starting from the fundamental women rights and turning into a complete crusade. Women march on the street demanding more rights, more pay and more political power.

Female ratio in industries

To understand this problem thoroughly, I think we need to start from the basics of how our society works especially regarding on gender. This is taken from World Economic Forum 2016 January’s study, The Industry Gender Gap, Women and Work in the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

As you can see here, the leftmost is the current general overall women ratios in common industries. As you can see a very obvious pattern here, is that women usually work in less complex and less physical strength required places. To break it down:

  • Basic and Infrastructure, Energy and Mobility are industries that require physical strength, men power, to function at lower levels. This is common knowledge. Laborers still consist more of men than women. Infrastructures require building, energy industry requires mass raw material collecting and mobility, many heavy objects mobilization. However, these industries higher levels also require steady and clever minds to operate efficiently. Energy industry requires a lot of scientific expertise for function normally. And these more complex work are exactly where men excel at.
  • Take this to other industries, the same result. Information and Communication Technology, Financial Services & Investors, Media, Entertainment and Information. These industries also require higher expertise to function normally, and you can see the women ratios in these fields.
  • Step aside and take a look at higher women ratio industries. Healthcare, Professional Services, Consumer, Financial Services & Investors and Media, Entertainment and Information. Women seem to flourish at Healthcare and Professional Services. What’s needed to note, is that healthcare’s nurse job always consists of large amount of female workers. And it’s crucial to know that women are very common in healthcare industry. Second of this, Professional Services is the common service industry we are talking about. Waitresses, receptionists or spa workers. You name it, most of services you have in daily life are composed of women servers. Consumer is the same, the cashiers your supermarket servers. Finance and media are kind of intriguing to see. We know that media needs women to be photogenic to be on camera and many female workers are inside media for their beauty and excellent socializing skills. Finance is what I think, an actual 50-50, not literally, for men and women.

The point of the women ratio is that the ratio needs to be around 30%-40% so that a workplace would be well balanced. Nowadays we’re facing some incredible imbalances in the common industries. My theory is that the higher levels of industry should focus on ability rather than quantity, however the bottom levels, the bottom 20-30% should focus on quantity. For they are the foundation and the mass of the whole industry.

And I think this is where the modern feminism started from. They were demanding a more well balanced workplace, till today’s greedy madness on political gains. But we’ll talk about this later.

What I think is that, workplace should be focused more than the overall numbers. The space is where the key at.

Women are different species than men, they have the mindset that men can hardly achieve. Yet it is this kind of mindset that changes the world from time to time. I lean a lot towards “the workplace needs women’s touch”. Any product or service, a product that is produced in a place, you need the women’s touch so that the product can be poured in more humanized care. What is the greatest about a woman? It’s their mother’s love. Besides of this, women think a more subtle and caring way when try to tackle an issue. And men are always thought to be a crude and smart strategist that mingle and maneuver around. You need different perspectives to add in more flavors into your product, so that the product would be more welcome in the marketplace. After all, commercializing means getting the public to like it.

And there are some other benefits women can bring into a workplace, pheromone and other scientific studies, not going to expand further here.

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