An Alien Has Come to Earth


I want to write a story, a future for humans to aspire to.

But a better future would be too dreamy, and realism would be too human.

You can’t rob the realism out of a better future, otherwise it’s going to be un-achievable. But framing all of this onto the human standard, could not manifest the ultimate form of human–the Superman/Übermensch.

Because human in itself is a flawed species, it’s not perfect. However, achieving perfect would be not too human.

The kind of beauty flourishing out of humans is the beauty that withstands the weight, the weight that carries what we value the most, what we cherish the most.

The flawed magnificence.

But if we only stop till here, wouldn’t achieve what we can be better. It’s a matter of balance, whether we can harness ourselves of manifesting more of our bright side and harness the power of dark side.

Because in the great future, maybe there will be new species coming out of Earth, and dominate the whole world. I think we are just a tiny cue in the grand sublime symphony of Earth history.

The better species that can exceed what we are today, the kind of creature that is able to ditch what we can’t. Hateful, vengeful, unreasonable, violent, desiring, greedy, entitled, envious, hypocritical, lazy and many others.

In short, human is a creature that is constantly stimulated by all sorts of stimulants. Instinct-wise, they are just bunch of monkeys suddenly acquire the ability to think and enjoy.

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