The Skies of Communist Countries and Capitalist Countries, Literally

It’s dumb, to completely separate countries like this, seems like a Cold War parody.

But, I’m here just want to point out something I find peculiar, about the two ideologies’ skies, literally.

I grow up in China, so it’s no news to me that the sky is always grey. Occurred to me that it’s a consequence of constant pollution.


Game Industry Is Gradually Shifting to Competitive Mode

eSports is nothing new now. Every year, game industry has poured many resources into making new games competitive.

From the recent Ubisoft massive multiplayer games, to some old competitive games like CS, Dota.

It does occur to the conglomerates of video game industry that if you can keep players on the game long enough, the bigger the revenue for you to be.


The Evil Genius of Dead Space Design

Everyone knows Dead Space, and I think the recent bad news has raised the franchise’s attention more than ever.

Which reminds me of some really really shining points from the game. How Visceral developed this space horror survival is really a talented process.

First maybe we can simply start from the whole theme of Dead Space.


Gone Visceral Gone

Visceral Games

1 week ago, EA shut down one of my favorite studios–Visceral Games. The studio behind many quality titles–Dead Space series, Battlefield Hardline, Army of Two, Dante’s Inferno.

I really really have been always expecting a Dead Space 4. And to my research, that is going to happen, just not in a schedule. Until I heard from this bad news.


There Are Two Things You Shouldn’t Touch EA and EA – Mass Effect: Andromeda Review

There are two things you shouldn’t touch, EA and EA.

Firstly, I never buy an Early Access game. Secondly, I will never buy an Electronic Arts game anymore.

Mass Effect Andromeda


After 5 hours of gameplay, I completely quit Andromeda. This, is the sequel to the once revered RPG franchise Mass Effect.

The quality is an utter disgrace to Mass Effect series. This, is an unfinished project that is hurried to the market.


The Evil Within and Without – The Evil Within Review

This one is one of my frequent quit-and-continue playing games. I don’t know how many times I have started over and dropped it midway.

As the father of Resident Evil series, Shinji Mikami did a great job on “corridor horror”. Utilizing every bit of discomfort in shadowy and narrow spaces to pull players into the dreadful ill mind of mad psychiatrist Ruvik.


Twitch Prime

Earlier this year, Twitch has launched its new subscription model–Twitch Prime. I think the first ever game that had that reward linked to Twitch Prime is Overwatch? For that, Blizzard had even launched a new loot box, the golden loot box which you will only get from being a Twitch Prime member.