True to Its Root, an Ambitious Attempt and Success – Dragon Age Inquisition Review

Dragon Age, when you hear it, what do you think of?

Is it the age of dragons? Some fantasy world? Or, you may know, and know very well–one of Bioware’s main franchises Dragon Age.

It’s a little bit strange for me actually to ponder around the game after I have read what had happened to the development. After 3 years of the game release, I have finally concluded the game, it’s a bit bittersweet to be frank. ...READ MORE

Human Machines

Since the invention of machine, Industrial Revolution has changed human’s life once and for all.

Factories, have become the new engine of this new era. Either the literal factories or figurative factories.

I see modern world has shaped people’s lives into billions of machines that work endlessly nonstop.

Before the time, we weren’t this desperate to get anything. Because we simply couldn’t, we didn’t have the means. Now, the means are all served, you can get what you want as long as you have the resources. ...READ MORE

To Dreamers

I tend to think that kids born into average family have to work on their own.

Their future is not determined by their parents, is it good? No, of course not, being independent is pretty much a must road for children like this.

If you were born wealthy, your life road may be determined by your parents. Some people argue that a set future is not a free future. True. But world works on this inheritance system, where old money always win. ...READ MORE