Quora Fury

Wrote a lot of stuff on Quora lately.

Feels like the whole month is contributing to Quora or whatnot. Most of time I write on my blog and Quora is kind of like an annual operation. I feel like I write on it occasionally and specially bombard it in a short time. Like the beginning of every year. 😆

Quora is kind of like a pretty political correct place, people from all over the world contributing to this platform. ...READ MORE


I don’t do it.

The reason is simple, because I know sometimes my opinion is completely my opinion, and it’s not mainstream.

I think it’s more about like-minded people find you rather than you present yourself to them.

This is my personal blog, I don’t feel the urge to promote anything. There’s SEO I know that, there’s AdWords, social media marketing, I know all of them. I just don’t like it. ...READ MORE

The New Generation

Knowing that Jake Paul was born the same year as mine, I feel ashamed.

There’s always been saying that “the new generation is pretty fucked up.” And I can’t disagree with that.

But despite spitting on this new generation, I’d rather dig a little deeper on why the generation is fucked up.

For me, I was raised pretty conventionally and my parents did not constrain too much on me. My family was a pretty middle class family. I was influenced heavily by 80s and 90s, which was a pretty glorious age for the whole world. ...READ MORE

China Model

Lately when I’m browsing Quora, I’ve seen an increased number of the previously infamous China’s supporters. Talk about there is this “China Model” that has prospered China for the past decade.

I’m a Chinese, it’s funny to me how these people actually think about China.

I’ve never heard of the China Model before, nor do I care.

But these people have been worshipping this model so high, that I have to put an eye and two on it. ...READ MORE


We all see trends, and we are part of it.

Trend is probably the most common phenomenon in 21st century, with the faster than ever information spreading. There were trends in old times, but not as prevalent and fast as today’s.

There is this usual approach for trends, people lean on it, and they can grow with the trend.

It’s a very common method. For example, a year ago the EA DICE Battlefield 1 game was very popular among the mainstream, so at that period, everything related to WW1 was “trending”. So, many content creators started to make WW1 content, to make it relevant. And not to surprise, anything related to WW1 at the time got the most attention. ...READ MORE