The Interview in the Guangzhou US Embassy

Was late the morning when I headed to Guangzhou US Embassy.

Every single freaking time, it was like this. Whenever I tried to do something new, emergency happened.

The bus I took to Guangzhou met a severe traffic jam. It was jam-packed for 6 or 8 kilometers at the start of highway, which completely stalled my schedule.


About Fakery

Chinese have this tendency that they always try to circumvent something, by using typical or special methods, shortcuts, to get what they want.

This probably has to do with how the country’s political system works, that many existing restrictions have been limiting people for decades. People have their wants, and the wants need to be fulfilled, so they think about “different” ways to acquire the things they want.


Talk Like TED, a Few Tips for a Better Presentation by Carmine Gallo

Talk Like TED is a book all about public presentation, and especially, TED presentations.

In this book, Carmine Gallo pointed out a few tips for how one can improve his/her public speaking skills. However, Gallo did not delve deeper onto the concepts and issues he talked about in the book. So, overall, the book seems to be aimed at the general public rather than avid readers/learners. As I had a hard time contemplating what the actual techniques the book had talked about.


How to Tell a Joke

As I am not really a professional in this field of study, I’ve only understood some concepts of humor.

Jokes have millions of forms, and millions of stories. A nicely delivered joke has multiple factors to actually trigger the laugh from audience.

Twist, unexpectedness, incongruence, and many other elements constitute a good laugh for audience.