Chasing the Truth

In reality, while it may seem truthless, as we get various different sources of information, truth is not reflected by human emotions.

That said, in order to obtain truth, human perceptions

Reality is truthless.

Truth is based on perceptions. Whatever you believe is true is true.

It seems, truth is limited to our senses.

What if, truth is not based on senses? Truth is not based on pure perceptions of human organs? Human emotions are affecting how one perceives truth. ...READ MORE

Pain Philosophy

I want to add something on Nietzsche’s pain theory.

There is a premise of Nietzsche’s pain theory, men are subjected to pain. Pain modifies men’s behaviors.

My premise is that men are inclined to pleasure.

Because men are inclined to pleasure, so they avoid pain. By avoiding pain, pleasing themselves becomes the subconscious motive behind most of their actions.

This also allures selfishness, which is how genuinely people work. ...READ MORE

The Modern Science

The modern subjects of science have quite a limited time of development.

Not until just a century ago, we have made substantial chemical and physical progresses.

20th century is truly a remarkable age, where scientists and theories flourished, whilst wars and conflicts went on rampaging.

We have just made some very recent discoveries.

However, all of these theories are new, and they are constantly being disproved. ...READ MORE

Multilanguage Site

If you are considering to start a multilanguage site, the advice I can give is that don’t bother with it.

The best way, to have a multilanguage site, is to have two sites. Two different domains with the same content so long the language is different.


As long as you are not providing a displaying site, a site usually for display purpose not for content creating purpose, you can have a multilanguage site which includes other languages in one single domain. ...READ MORE

What Is Radioactive?

Radiation, nuclear weapons or X-rays. Common terms we find in our life, however, do we know what exactly they are?


When we call a substance radioactive, it is because the substance is constantly emitting particles. In the Periodic Table, any atomic number that is bigger than 83 (including 83, bismuth) is a radioactive element.

Before get into this, let’s first understand what an atom actually does in a radioactive scenario. ...READ MORE

Not Quite Monogamy

So we have guy Palau. Palau has talked to you about every date of his life. And every time he tells you, he believes the person is the love of his life.

However, whenever a relationship ends, Palau gets hurt. But that doesn’t stop Palau assuming the next relationship not being a love of his life.

Is Palau monogamous?

If we assume every person, or let’s say–if in the beginning of every relationship, we assume this relationship will be the love of our life. Ending this relationship means we lose the love of our life. If start again, we have a new love of our life. This doesn’t stop. ...READ MORE

On Abortion


Life is sacred and that is non-negotiable.

I oppose any form of abortion for the sake of a woman’s convenience. If pregnancy is merely an inconvenience for a woman, she should not have the child at first place.

Libertarianism seems disturbing sometimes. It excessively emphasizes on self-possession, that one should always have control over oneself, no other can intervene. This mindset is where the far-left coming from. It’s toxic. ...READ MORE