Farmer and Snake

In Traditional Chinese parables, there is a story about a farmer and a snake:

Long time ago, in a frosting winter, an old man was pacing slowly on frozen water for home.

Some time later, he saw a strange stick lying on the ground. Despite the heavy snow splashing into his face, he went forth and found out the strange twisted stick was not a stick at all, but a frozen snake.

The farmer braced the snake into his chest, and kept on heading his way home. ...READ MORE

Independence, Patriarchy and Society

Patriarchy stems from male independence, an indivisible relationship.

In society, what does independence consist of?

  • Physical independence: Physical independence is sheer force, sheer physical power. The stronger your body is, the more power you can amass in order to assert rules over others.
  • Wealth independence: Wealth independence is free from poverty, free from lack of materials. Or very much a resource gatherer. The resources boost your other independences.
  • Love independence: Be able to stand on your toes and free to choose partners. One is able to have choices, and in no lack of love from others. One is cherished, with a stable/level mind.
  • Socioeconomic independence: A modern term combined with previous two independences, plus a social repute. Free from opinions, free from bad words, free from bad/lower social rungs that linger at higher social rungs.
  • Wisdom independence: Being agile in mind fields, one is able to solve problems. And scale himself at a vantage point in order to outmaneuver others.

One shall keep himself safe from harm. One shall feed himself enough to survive. One shall have partners yet not clinging on them. One shall be respectable. One shall have set of skills to outmaneuver others.

All these things can be achieved by men, and men alone. Women certainly have a hard time on achieving all these independences all by “herselves”. ...READ MORE

Individuality and Impression, How We Remember People

We remember people by multiple signs and signals.

To know someone, it is not only from the person’s apperance, but also many other elements that relate to this very individual. This is what we called, individuality.

Though most of the time someone remembers a person by his/her face, the overall appearance.

However, when you pick up the phone, the voice from the other side let you know instantly who this person is if the caller is one of your friends. ...READ MORE

The Initial Debunk of Humanity – Fallout 3

Fallout 3 is the first title that has been adapted to the 3D world, much like Bethesda’s previous work, Elder Scrolls.

Fallout 3 is definitely one of the good games back in 2008. The dialogues are lively to say the least, what’s more significant is that Bethesda made characters in the game as vividly human as possible.

Despite the old graphics, the game holds a strong connection to the player. Most NPCs in the game do not seem incredibly robotic, and as automated as possible like in the later titles. ...READ MORE

A Stream of Thoughts

Privacy, is the basic respect towards individualism. You want, a space, where you, can be safe with yourself, knowing no one can step inside the zone.

The US is said to assimilate everything foreign, but the actual American Culture is everywhere. You don’t need to assimilate anyone, they know what it means to be an American.

If we look back 100 years from now, things seemed pretty rough and screwed up. We are having a rather better off life than before, discrimination seems to drop, but the real question is, are we still facing unfairness? ...READ MORE

The Current Internet State of China

Bloomberg reported last year that in 2018 China is going to ban all VPN services in order to prohibit netizens access outside network.

It is said that the ban is already in effect, which happened in March, this year.

From news sources, it is said the government has already banned all unauthorized VPN services. If, this is true, netizens would have much trouble connecting to the outside world.

But I haven’t experienced any trouble connecting to my VPN service, but it might be the case that my VPN is the most efficient and the priciest you can find in China. ...READ MORE

The Famous Train Example of Relativity

The famous example of relativity by Einstein was the moving train problem.

When one man stand before a fast moving train, and two lightening strikes, he’ll see the two lightening strikes appear at the same time.

However, if the man stands on the train as the train is moving from left to right, he’ll see the the two lightening strikes appear at different time, as the right lightening strike appears first and the left lightening strike appears later. ...READ MORE