The Problem with Current Education System

Just saw this post on /r/sociology.

Graduated university, now what? from sociology

This guy has just graduated with a sociology degree and has no idea of heading where. And what I want to say is that, this portion of people is not small.

The current education fails, at exactly this point. Even to college, this system is like a procedure that is sending people through a manufacturing chain, whereas it doesn’t really point the directions for where the products should go, not to mention the complete robotic and dreadful experience of schooling.


The First Look at the Current Social Class Theories – Social Class Conflict and Mobility

Firstly in my earlier post, I talked about Marx’s view on society–he thinks that an industrialized society is divided simply by two. The Bourgeoisie/Capitalists and the Proletariat/Workers. And added the undefined Inconsequential Others (Those who do not take part in production, beggars etc.).


Don’t Get Bogged Down by the Labels

People love to label. They, love, to label.

Products and goods, labels, alongside with price tags. Your body shape, labels. The achievements people have achieved, labels.

As long as they see anything, they label anything. From high to low, from categorization to characterization. Label this, label that, so that they can have a name to call upon, and a “rather inside” conversation to talk about.



Negan fo life.

He’s one of the most badass and charismatic villains I have ever seen in media. And boy do he swell.

Negan represents dictatorship and terrorism. While under extreme circumstances, for example, living dead apocalypse, his method is the most efficient and powerful to actually bring people together and head towards a common goal.


The Study of Gender Problem of Current Society and the Rise of Modern Feminism

The past few years are the period when feminism is getting higher and more attention.

Modern feminism requests more “rights” for women, more anything that men possess. Take a look at this video then you can easily fathom what this concept is.

The video is more of a satire than an advocacy to me. In the end they are asking wanting more, wanting what more? What do you want? Right? 😯 


Can You Deny Globalization?

Not on a verbal sense, but actually doing it.

Is it possible for a country to be completely self-sufficient to isolate itself from the international network these days?

As of the world has advanced into the Internet age, the effects of globalization are extremely mutual beneficial or even multiple beneficial. In an age like this, many poor countries are enjoying the benefits, mostly economic, globalization has brought upon them. The “economic miracle” of China is definitely contributed by the globalization, without globalization, it’s impossible to see what China is today.


The Development of Telecommunication and Its Impacts on the World

The human history is a history solving the “connection distance” problem, on some angle.

Telecommunication is the technology that is constantly pushing human civilization forward, and still will be the pushing force in future.

In ancient ages, we sought to solve the simple problem of reducing our on-foot efforts commuting from place to place. We invented wheels, and later the taming of livestock make all this even easier, aka carriages and horses.