Emotions, the Route Towards Public Persuasion

I suck at one thing, and one thing only, emotional persuasion.

When we talk about persuasion, isn’t it something pertained about rhetorics? Something about figures of speech?

As what Marcus Cicero terms a great orator, is somebody that encompasses as much knowledge as possible, and as much heartfelt feelings towards his citizens as possible.

From Aristotle era, there was the saying of what successful persuasion is composed of. ...READ MORE

Democracy in Canada

During my time stay in Canada, I witnessed a landscape with extraordinary sceneries, well organized systems of infrastructures and the embarrassing situation of the homeless.

For me, the west seems like a free land of all sorts of ideologies, and I don’t want to stress the term ideology much, as I’d like to think of the west has a democratic approach to groups of people in a society, and how, from that, a society flourishes. ...READ MORE

The Chaos of Reality Breaks My Solitude

The past 4 years may not be something worth mentioning, however, I found my eternal peace and solitude inside the span of 4 years.

During that time, I discovered many things I hadn’t been able to do. I fully reached my freedom of thoughts, and freedom of actions.

Now that I am facing the reality that I may lose that freedom soon, it boggles me so much, and it tears me apart.

The chaos of reality is destroying my precious solitude. The fast pace of life pushes me towards something that I am not even sure what lies behind, and I don’t exactly like it. ...READ MORE

A New Chapter

In life, all the rejections in the past did not stop me from seeking betterment and perfection.

Whilst I never know I have gotten to a point where everyone is surprised, until that spot on the timeline, I found out I’ve grown. And such growth is even hard for me to notice.

I think I am pushing myself closer to a life I dream myself to become, and that destination is closer and closer every single day. ...READ MORE

Cognitive Bias and Rational Ambiguity

Cognitive Bias

Cognitive bias is this type of bias, that has real evidence and proof to support it.

It’s actually quite common to see cognitive biases in people. For example, Trump. Trump has severe cognitive biases according to his criticisms towards media and Democratic Party.

He called most presses just fake news, because the proofs to support these presses being fake news are actually there. There are evidence to indicate that CNN being fake news, MSNBC being fake news, Router being fake news. You can’t debate the fact that there are details and evidence to support their compromised veracity. ...READ MORE

The Mohawk Guy

The weird Mohawk guy assumes the fact that China is going to war. From his trading records, that he sells massive amount of gold to HSBC is enough to tell that China is amassing these gold and preparing for a war. War burns a nation’s treasury, as much as paper money, a country actually needs more gold in order to power through the war machine. My country is likely to assault Taiwan in the next few decades if peace talk is unsuccessful.

The Birds in Countrysides and the Birds in Cities

Alex once gave me this hypothesis that people in a city being indifferent is due to the fact that they are in a CITY.

Birds in countrysides flock together and would fly back to ask more fellows if the forefront ones found some food. Birds in urban areas however, are very competitive and they bump into each other and never share food, everyone gets into a pit and contends for food thrown by tourists. ...READ MORE