Chasing the Truth

In reality, while it may seem truthless, as we get various different sources of information, truth is not reflected by human emotions.

That said, in order to obtain truth, human perceptions

Reality is truthless.

Truth is based on perceptions. Whatever you believe is true is true.

It seems, truth is limited to our senses.

What if, truth is not based on senses? Truth is not based on pure perceptions of human organs? Human emotions are affecting how one perceives truth. ...READ MORE

Pain Philosophy

I want to add something on Nietzsche’s pain theory.

There is a premise of Nietzsche’s pain theory, men are subjected to pain. Pain modifies men’s behaviors.

My premise is that men are inclined to pleasure.

Because men are inclined to pleasure, so they avoid pain. By avoiding pain, pleasing themselves becomes the subconscious motive behind most of their actions.

This also allures selfishness, which is how genuinely people work. ...READ MORE

On Abortion


Life is sacred and that is non-negotiable.

I oppose any form of abortion for the sake of a woman’s convenience. If pregnancy is merely an inconvenience for a woman, she should not have the child at first place.

Libertarianism seems disturbing sometimes. It excessively emphasizes on self-possession, that one should always have control over oneself, no other can intervene. This mindset is where the far-left coming from. It’s toxic. ...READ MORE

You Shall Not Fear Death

What is life? Again?

Life is preserving information, that information can become legacy, lasts forever.

In the millions years of us human kind evolving and developing, we pass down the flame of knowledge so that we create, and transform our own lives into something marvelous, than the previous ones.

As individuals, we are each merely a human being that is vulnerable to many things. Each one of us is fragile, weak, physically. We can’t stop one person form dying if he or she suffers a severe disease, a bullet in the head, a lung depravation or a mental breakdown. ...READ MORE

Thoughts of Liberty


People are born different.

The notion that everyone is equal is based on the prerequisite that the people have consciousness.

Without the basic consciousness, it’s hard to compare certain groups of people with the privileged ones.

It is the mind, that sets us free, into an ocean of liberty.

Without the mind, we are nothing but mere social animals. And that, creates differences, and conflicts.

One thing we have to admit, is that, people are born physically different. ...READ MORE

No Regret

You shouldn’t regret.

I’m not saying you should just go bold and do whatever your heart tells you to. Mindlessness has nothing to do with no regret. And mindlessness, will definitely leave you with regrets.

To have no regret is to put 100% effort into the things you do while you make a decision, thus each decision you made will not make you regret later in life.

To have no regret means to concentrate, to exert yourself, thus you won’t later regret that you could have just done better. ...READ MORE

My Thoughts Over My Sickbed

A World Where Money and Power Trump All

I think we live in a world we seldomly have any control.

People die, people perish.

Only those who wield power, possess wealth, can excel in a world full of constraints and dismay.

Poor people have no choice but to beg for their lives. Rich people have plenty and live a well life.

In a world like this, I can see why Marx wanted to change it for the better goods.

The root of these problems lies on the resource distribution. ...READ MORE