China Model

Lately when I’m browsing Quora, I’ve seen an increased number of the previously infamous China’s supporters. Talk about there is this “China Model” that has prospered China for the past decade.

I’m a Chinese, it’s funny to me how these people actually think about China.



We all see trends, and we are part of it.

Trend is probably the most common phenomenon in 21st century, with the faster than ever information spreading. There were trends in old times, but not as prevalent and fast as today’s.

There is this usual approach for trends, people lean on it, and they can grow with the trend.


The Way of Business

I personally always think that in the business industry, the people in need are more or less with the traits of being sly and smart.

Business, they say.

My life time experience with business is that you can’t trust them, on any level, you just can’t.

Because everything here is too simple, and too superficial.


Gender War: Why Extreme? Appreciation and the Happy Middle Ground

So the typical view on women is this submissive, sexy and easily manipulated figure. Most men desire this type of women, and they brashly entitle themselves as alpha–something that women like, aggressiveness, assertiveness.

They feel like wolves hunting down sheep-like women, one after another, the booty is the women like above would gladly open their legs for them. The traditional and stereotypical men and women relationship.


The Chain for Greed, A More Human Approach to Contemporary Problems

Greed is a beast that forever lusts anything.

Some say that capitalism is dead–it’s consuming the society. The rich become richer, the poor become poorer, and there don’t seem a way to pause this repulsion between the two extremes.

Charity, philanthropy, some suggests. But this is not some action that every rich person, every conglomerate would do while they enjoy everything money can bring them.


Questions and Education

Questions. And questions. We all have questions when we face the unknown.

Asking questions is the most basic rationality function a human has—if you have rationality, you ask.

I think there’s a huge mistake in education these days. Something that distorts the essence of education, that skews the understanding of knowledge.


Racism—If You Think It’s Racist, It’s Racist

Racism, a word that’s prevalent these days. There is no objective racism, only subjective.

Whenever you are making race a big deal, it’s racist. Emphasizing race this action is racist.

The initiative of racism is to treat every soul equal—race, gender, sexuality anything that objectifies a human. It’s a beautiful wish, but very impractical.