About Fakery

Chinese have this tendency that they always try to circumvent something, by using typical or special methods, shortcuts, to get what they want.

This probably has to do with how the country’s political system works, that many existing restrictions have been limiting people for decades. People have their wants, and the wants need to be fulfilled, so they think about “different” ways to acquire the things they want.


Commercializing Education? NO.

I’m a strong advocator against commercializing education. As things that would most likely benefit the public should be as free as possible and as reachable as possible.

Education, healthcare, necessity food etc. Things that can go non-profit should just go non-profit.

Education, knowledge for everybody in other words, should be a public service. However, it’s been quite obvious that many people nowadays are still charging people for insane amount of fees to access these knowledge.


What Does a Matriarchy Look Like?

The world today seems to put a lot emphases on its political agenda, although the direction is unclear, people are just generally arguing for the arguing sake. Nonetheless, it brought me some curiosity for a world where males are no longer dominant.


So first, picture what would a matriarchy look like? Is some type of Amazon tribes that are completely under the leadership of women? Or a society where women are simply heralded? Or something else?


Typical Love Scenes Under Pop Culture

So in pop culture, typically romantic dramas. Screenwriters love to lay out a delicately woven web for the polygon relationships between characters, and name them as some sort of “destined” combination.

Cliche. But audience love it, love this kind of drama and also destiny for everyone scenario.



Tonight when I walked in a 7-Eleven shop in my local town, a “foreign” person caught my attention.

I don’t know his nationality, by only seeing he can’t speak Chinese I know that he’s a foreigner. An Asian guy, probably Korean or Japanese.

Through time, China’s economic status has increased, it seems more and more foreigners are flowing in in this newly emerged power.


Elite Education and Leaderships

China’s education system brings “intellectual” students together and trains them in a room.

Grade is the only modifier that sets apart students. Students who excel at the system, and who do not.

Over the years, students have gone through several segregations based on their grades.

The end goal is the ultimate university segregation, a segregation so huge that it determines your later life. A good university can give you the resources you need in a future you may not need to fight for.


The New Generation

Knowing that Jake Paul was born the same year as mine, I feel ashamed.

There’s always been saying that “the new generation is pretty fucked up.” And I can’t disagree with that.

But despite spitting on this new generation, I’d rather dig a little deeper on why the generation is fucked up.