Not Quite Monogamy

So we have guy Palau. Palau has talked to you about every date of his life. And every time he tells you, he believes the person is the love of his life.

However, whenever a relationship ends, Palau gets hurt. But that doesn’t stop Palau assuming the next relationship not being a love of his life.

Is Palau monogamous?

If we assume every person, or let’s say–if in the beginning of every relationship, we assume this relationship will be the love of our life. Ending this relationship means we lose the love of our life. If start again, we have a new love of our life. This doesn’t stop. ...READ MORE

On Abortion


Life is sacred and that is non-negotiable.

I oppose any form of abortion for the sake of a woman’s convenience. If pregnancy is merely an inconvenience for a woman, she should not have the child at first place.

Libertarianism seems disturbing sometimes. It excessively emphasizes on self-possession, that one should always have control over oneself, no other can intervene. This mindset is where the far-left coming from. It’s toxic. ...READ MORE

Modern Monogamy Disputes

“Polyamorous”? Polygamy in a blatant disguise. Rhetorics don’t make the concept any less immoral.

I understand society is changing. Old ideas and concepts are constantly being rebutted. And liberalism is seemingly taking place everywhere.

The traditional views of family, nation and personal rights are long gone with the left-leaning agenda growing ever strong.

We now have people disputing the righteousness of monogamy and stating that polygamy is good for human, and polygamy is natural. ...READ MORE

Slut Shaming

The Third Wave Feminism today looks like the hipster movements back in the 50s and 60s.

Bunch of young people with their freshly new agenda and eager to be recognized.

The only difference is that the people back in 50s and 60s were dealing the real problems. The topic back then was peace, anti-war and anti-nuclear.

Now there don’t seem like a real problem presenting, so people roll up their sleeves and start to make problems. ...READ MORE

Benevolence in Women

When you are seeking a partner, no matter it’s a girlfriend, or a spouse. She needs to have that benevolence inside her.

Benevolence is an important trait in women.

Benevolence makes a woman a woman. Women have this incredible tolerance that men simply don’t possess. Men are easily provoked. Men retaliate.

But, for what is the most natural trait of women, that is benevolence. Something that an angel possesses. And that is why, many great female characters in either history, or media, possess this charming trait. ...READ MORE

China Has Two Types of People

Idiots and rude people.

Seriously these fuckers are rude.

If you talk to them, they shove a no to you and stop talking. That is rude.

Every single country has rude people, and idiots.

It’s a proportion problem, rather than a, phenomenal one.

And it seems like, this proportion is extremely big in China.

One thing needs to point out is materialism. This is the thing that twists and distorts humans’ basic understanding of human behaviors. It works, as a poison, to sabotage people’s views on others. ...READ MORE

So This Country of Obedient Men

In China, I always have this sense of feeling that everybody is just so fine with everything.

They can adapt to literally anything.

This bothers me a lot. As new policies come out, no one dares and wants to say no.

Everyone is so reluctant to express their opinions. Even if you ask their opinions, in the end, they would just reply with “What can you do about it anyway?”

No one talks about politics, culture and anything that is crucial to the development of a country. ...READ MORE