Is It Just a Beautiful Thought of Mine?

I feel like I am always dreaming of having an ideal vibes and relationships around my people, i.e. friends.

I do know it exists, but reality just pushes me back once after once.

I find myself so small in this world with people surrounding me, I can talk to them but sometimes I don’t feel relate to them.



Great performance I saw last night from my best friend’s theatre debut.

A very delicate show that is made by effort and time. It was about in an asylum 7 men meet together and figuring out how to escape. My friend was acting a reporter as in a main role of the play. I can fully appreciate the great and energetic performance by them.


China’s Education and What Education Should Be Like

Education should focus on making better humans.

Whatever it is, when we let a young man enter society, he should at least possess set of skills/abilities to accomplish what he wishes.

Nowadays education has ultimately changed its nature, it’s schooling, rather education.

I don’t see teachers are teaching skills rather than filling them up with useless tests that don’t prove a damn. The essence of schooling is to make students adapt a certain competitive system, but this system is so different than the real world systems. You don’t need to write tests, you don’t need to memorize textbook points. If you are talking about real system, hierarchies are most common in every industry’s office. Are you going to thrive in that system by finishing your tests? Office politics is a test for your social skills, that doesn’t have to do with anything test-related.



6 years ago, I made a promise myself.

I want the world changed because of me, even just a little.

Through years, I’ve been lost in the mist of future directions. I don’t know what I am compassionate about, I don’t know what I’m specially capable of, and I have no idea where to set sail.


What a World to be Invincible

By expanding more of your current horizon, you find that the world is full of diversities and opportunities.

Imagine the world is a vortex and you are right at the eye of the hurricane. You see things, things you could have done, all the amazing and crazy things you can do, at this young age, in your youth, in everything you can grasp within your reach, just give it some efforts.


Marxism, Communism I – Understanding of Economic & Philosophic Manuscripts of 1844 by Karl Marx


Marx sympathizes with workers – the working class.

He thinks if the society wants to achieve a happy state, then it must need supplement its workers first. The workers are the biggest portion in a society, that’s how he thinks.

Across all lines, you can see the antagony towards capitals from Marx. He hates it so much and he thinks that the capitals do not care about the fluctuations of the market, thus being ignoring and indifferent towards the live or die of their workers.


Problems Inside China Society

What’s wrong with China? Hint: it’s not the government

This is actually a tangible post I found on Internet about the China’s situation. Not going to agree everything he said, but there are things that are true to see here in China.

Even though he asserts a strong positive opinion towards CCP, Chinese Communist Party, condemns pretty much everything of Chinese populace.