True to Its Root, an Ambitious Attempt and Success – Dragon Age Inquisition Review

Dragon Age, when you hear it, what do you think of?

Is it the age of dragons? Some fantasy world? Or, you may know, and know very well–one of Bioware’s main franchises Dragon Age.

It’s a little bit strange for me actually to ponder around the game after I have read what had happened to the development. After 3 years of the game release, I have finally concluded the game, it’s a bit bittersweet to be frank. ...READ MORE

Human Machines

Since the invention of machine, Industrial Revolution has changed human’s life once and for all.

Factories, have become the new engine of this new era. Either the literal factories or figurative factories.

I see modern world has shaped people’s lives into billions of machines that work endlessly nonstop.

Before the time, we weren’t this desperate to get anything. Because we simply couldn’t, we didn’t have the means. Now, the means are all served, you can get what you want as long as you have the resources. ...READ MORE

To Dreamers

I tend to think that kids born into average family have to work on their own.

Their future is not determined by their parents, is it good? No, of course not, being independent is pretty much a must road for children like this.

If you were born wealthy, your life road may be determined by your parents. Some people argue that a set future is not a free future. True. But world works on this inheritance system, where old money always win. ...READ MORE

The Skies of Communist Countries and Capitalist Countries, Literally

It’s dumb, to completely separate countries like this, seems like a Cold War parody.

But, I’m here just want to point out something I find peculiar, about the two ideologies’ skies, literally.

I grow up in China, so it’s no news to me that the sky is always grey. Occurred to me that it’s a consequence of constant pollution.

Later I traveled to Russia. A post-socialist country, and I find it incredibly reminiscent that their sky looks like ours! In Moscow, in St. Petersburg. Deja vu. ...READ MORE

Game Industry Is Gradually Shifting to Competitive Mode

eSports is nothing new now. Every year, game industry has poured many resources into making new games competitive.

From the recent Ubisoft massive multiplayer games, to some old competitive games like CS, Dota.

It does occur to the conglomerates of video game industry that if you can keep players on the game long enough, the bigger the revenue for you to be.

EA, for the recent years, is shipping so many multiplayer games that consist of micro-transactions, loot boxes and DLCs. Same goes for the other industry giants like Ubisoft, Activision, Blizzard, Epic. ...READ MORE

The Evil Genius of Dead Space Design

Everyone knows Dead Space, and I think the recent bad news has raised the franchise’s attention more than ever.

Which reminds me of some really really shining points from the game. How Visceral developed this space horror survival is really a talented process.

First maybe we can simply start from the whole theme of Dead Space.

If you look at any other 3A survival horror games out there, you won’t find many “space” related. Most of the time, to produce an unnerving, nerve-tingling atmosphere, you will need the collaboration of both sound and visuals. Sound, is indeed a big part while dealing with thrills, horror emotions. ...READ MORE

Non-Newtonian Fluids on a Particle Level

Recently I found this new concept–Non-Newtonian Fluids. Many people have tried out and played with this kind of “new” matter inside their houses or shot videos about it.

I remember that I saw some military videos about putting this kind of tech onto bullet-proof vests 4 or 5 years ago. Yeah at the time I thought it was a tech.

However, this physics phenomenon exists since the Genesis. ...READ MORE