College and Ben Shapiro

The Ben Shapiro Show talked about a topic only until recently, March 13, 2019, The College Scam.

I’ve been tinkering about the idea of going into a college.

Frankly, I hate schools generally. Every since the excruciating experience (high pressure, long hours) of Chinese public school system, I am completely paralyzed by the idea that I need to go back to school again to receive my degree.

Ben talked about two simple things in this episode. And two essential parts of the existence of college, especially prestigious universities. And that can’t be truer in China as well. ...READ MORE

Wage Gap

“What do you think is the concern of Feminism right now?”

“Equal pay.”

I had this conversation with a girl from London when I was in Vancouver. She self-proclaimed that she was a feminist, and the pressing issue of feminism, is the gender wage gap.

The wage gap is around 4-8%. From a sociological and economic standpoint, the wage gap exists because people tend to take on different jobs. ...READ MORE

Paint Me a Sky Full of Stars, Forrest – Forrest Gump

Forrest Gump was born a statistically retarded person. The day when his mom took him to a local public school, the principle pointed out the IQ score Forrest got, that a public school does not take students under 80, and Forrest was 75.

Forrest’s mom didn’t think Forrest should just succumb to the system and enter a special school, she did her best to get Forrest into the public school by bribing the principle–giving him a special service. ...READ MORE

Chinese Education and Learning as a Process

Learning is the process of generalizing.

I can’t think of how much damage the Chinese education has dealt to me over the years as how I treat and view knowledge overall.

I was constantly tormented by the reality of tests and getting higher scores.

The reality of the academia in China is that they have formed an approach specifically towards academic excellency, a certain way of getting high scores without the applying of knowledge. Well, I’d coin this academic excellency in China as, communist academic excellency, it’s an abomination. ...READ MORE

Stability VS Risk

When I was in my high school, most of the time I felt this strange feeling of living inside a vacuum.

At that time,  I was smoothly on my way to prestigious and famous universities in China. I was well fed, well slept, well equipped. I got everything I ever needed and I never realized how hard it was for others to obtain that sort of status–studying in one of the top high schools in a second-tier city (just neighbored first-tier cities), having fairly good grades and knew nothing. ...READ MORE

Worker Mentality and Underdog Model

Worker Mentality

Alex had this keen observation that most people are workers, and workers are just workers for life.

People are born workers, and such status is simply inherited from their parents.

A few percentage of the population are well-born, and such status is also inherited.

In this case, in our world, the simple dichotomy is obvious. The workers, and the wellborn.

Workers are born to work, and they usually start from bottom. Workers sell their labor to accumulate capitals. ...READ MORE

Frame of Reference

Eistein’s general relativity theory is indeed a groundbreaking theory in physics and astronomy.

Considering, a planet is orbiting a star.

Generally, we look at them like this, from top down.

As you can see, the small planet orbits around the star clockwise. But that is set the frame of reference at the center of the star. Or the center of mass of the star.

If you set the frame of reference at the planet: ...READ MORE