What Is Belief to Men?

Last night I went to a charity event held by a church.

The church is located far away from downtown, in a quiet suburban area covered by heavy snow.

When I walked into the church, I saw people hugging and greeting each other. It genuinely felt like a warm place to be, much different than the coldness outside.

“Are you a religious person, Oakley?”

“No, I am not. But I am interested in religions.” ...READ MORE

What Does It Mean to Be Developed?

UN defines a developed country being a country generally with a per capita income around or above $12,000.

China is considered a developing country because of its low income per capita, still is, since the population is huge.

I talked to a friend last night, and something he said really gave me deep thoughts.

He came from a small country in Central America, El Salvador. It is a country neighboring Honduras. The two countries once had a war that only lasted 4 days. ...READ MORE

How to Shoot a Great Portrait and the Application of The Rule of Thirds

Today I talked to Carlos in the Apple Store near me, and he gave me several great ideas of how to shoot a proper portrait.

So I’ve been quite bad with portrait, I don’t know how to selfie myself correctly, and I don’t know how to take people’s photos, because usually I just take scenery pictures or building pictures, lines and whatnots.

Carlos taught me some good principles of shooting a portrait. ...READ MORE

Knowledge as to a Person, and College

So many people nowadays in North America resent the idea of entering a college, or that suggest dropping out of it.

I’ve held this idea onto my mind and came to Canada alone, believing that, it’s not a necessity for college, or university.

Today I visited McGill University, located in the heart of Montreal, the downtown area that connects the outer rings of the city. McGill University is located beside the Mount Royal, and its facilities span across the several districts encompassing multiple blocks. ...READ MORE

Money as to Chinese

Just talked to my elders and got very discouraged.

Right now, my friends and I are still not in a producing phase where we can’t produce much money, this leads the problem inevitably to our previous generation.

The previous generation grew up in extreme poverty state. This extreme poverty dealt disastrous mental trauma to everyone who grew up in that era.

And it leads to an extreme materialistic and almost demented view of world: money before everything. ...READ MORE

The Timeframe of Cheating

When does cheating exactly start?

Cheating is defined as extramarital/extra-relationship affairs with another person who is not your partner.

And usually cheating marks the end of a relationship since the side being cheated on generally would choose to break up with the cheater.

So in a relationship, the man seems to find a better counterpart than his wife/girlfriend, what does he do?

And in what ways can the man keep the matter honorable than simply devious? By straight up breaking up with his wife and go seek the better one? ...READ MORE

The Biological Chemistry Between Men and Women

Maybe it’s evolution, maybe it’s just pure animal instincts.

The beautiful stories of prince and princess give us the hope of a relationship built on mutual fondness and mutual understanding, however, reality seems to be more crude than what we would genuinely think of.

Women don’t know how to say no. The majority of them.

I think, they are built like this, biologically engineered to be this way. ...READ MORE