I think I have talked about luck many times now.

Luck is never arbitrary, it shall never be taken for granted.

Everything happens for a reason, there’s a cause so that there’s a consequence.

Luck is one of the thousands consequences which boost your actions.

People think that lottery is arbitrary, and fortunes come to you for no reason. There is a reason for the fortune that is happening to you, and not other people. ...READ MORE

Harmony Seeker

As an ENFJ, I think I’m the one that swells in the environment composed of harmony.

But I’m not really an INFP who can create harmony, so I guess I’m a seeker that is constantly attracted to harmony situations.

And even apart from this, in China, the traditional view of Taoism is to create harmony, which is what I believe. Not just Taoism, Zhongyong (中庸, talking about seeking a middle method to balance both contradictory sides) is something I’m holding dearly. ...READ MORE

Stupidity and Arrogance

The philosophers have only interpreted the world, in various ways. The point, however, is to change it.

–Karl Marx

There are the two things going to kill humanity:

stupidity and arrogance.


Inside China, the major problems include the vast amount of stupidity that is continuously poisoning the society.

The solution for this is a free knowledge platform and improvement of education.

Other than this, Chinese like to humble themselves, but this has gone excessively wrong. Many people today don’t put prize on their heads, rather than denying the fact the work is done by themselves. ...READ MORE

Machinery and Humanity

It’s always a two paths fork in front of human and always a one way road in front of machine.

We built machines. As us humans.

We built something that only follows rules, nothing other than rules. Very loyal and very submissive servant – machine.

Machine only follows rules, it follows its creator’s commands, it always obeys, never mutinies.

Whether it’s a clock, it’s a washer or a computer. They always follow rules that are set prior to their completion. ...READ MORE

The History of Power Shifting/Equality in Between the West and the East

In running over the pages of our history, we shall scarcely find a single great event of the last seven hundred years that has not promoted equality of condition.

The Crusades and the English wars decimated the nobles and divided their possessions: the municipal corporations introduced democratic liberty into the bosom of feudal monarchy; the invention of firearms equalized the vassal and the noble on the field of battle; the art of printing opened the same resources to the minds of all classes; the post brought knowledge alike to the door of the cottage and to the gate of the palace; and Protestantism proclaimed that all men are equally able to find the road to heaven. . The discovery of America opened a thousand new paths to fortune and led obscure adventurers to wealth and power, ...READ MORE

Is It Just a Beautiful Thought of Mine?

I feel like I am always dreaming of having an ideal vibes and relationships around my people, i.e. friends.

I do know it exists, but reality just pushes me back once after once.

I find myself so small in this world with people surrounding me, I can talk to them but sometimes I don’t feel relate to them.

It takes time to tangibly merge into a group, but I don’t seem like I am finding a group whatsoever. I have been so hopelessly trying to find something I can rely on, but everytime I don’t, or I can not depend on it. ...READ MORE


Great performance I saw last night from my best friend’s theatre debut.

A very delicate show that is made by effort and time. It was about in an asylum 7 men meet together and figuring out how to escape. My friend was acting a reporter as in a main role of the play. I can fully appreciate the great and energetic performance by them.

As his friend knowing him has been practicing for this entire play for at least 3 months, I understand how the show comes out of a price. And certainly indeed, the price payed off. ...READ MORE