The Way of Warriors, the Way of Honor – The Last Samurai Review

Never have I seen a movie this relatable, this mesmerizing and thought-provoking.

I was watching an anime recently that, kind of strange, a harem anime that talks about something deep, deep about the soul of a people, and the customs and culture of a race and a nation.

I picked up this movie, The Last Samurai, to try to untangle what it is seemed to be foggy and messy.

To a westerner, no one has ever experienced the Western Democracy Revolution in the East Asia. But as an Asian, as a Chinese that understands fairly about our history in the past centuries, I could deeply relate to the situation that Japanese had one century ago. As Japan was reformed and rebuilt by Westerners in the 18th and 19th century, whereas China was more or less influenced by the western cultures but not entirely changed. ...READ MORE

Mentally Appealing or Sexually Appealing

I get it, all men follow their animal instinct. I get it, sexually appealing is good.

After all, we are human, still animal inside, human outside. That bipedalism is the only thing that distinguishes us and animals, kind of.

Why do I bring this topic up? Is it wrong with choosing someone simply just arouses your libido? No, you can do whatever you want.

It’s common and prevalent for humans to choose their partner from simply appearance and the “sexually appealing” things. ...READ MORE

The Second Talk of My Weird Nature

I feel like a loner.

The introverted extrovert–ENFJ, have the tendency to become loners. Even if I’m not involving the personality type feature here, I’m more or less still a loner.

Barack Obama is a loner, he’s an ENFJ. And there’s that other guy who’s also ENFJ and meanwhile a loner.

I mean, I got my own pace to do stuff. I don’t really fit into groups, it’s not like I don’t want to, but intrinsically I just don’t fit. I don’t why, but it looks this way. ...READ MORE


It sounds like a myth, that nobody right now can actually implement a perfect meritocratic system for everyone.

However it’s doable in all sorts of aspect.

Every great empire, era rises from being meritocracy in the system. They utilize all the good resources they can during the time, and they benefit massively from it.

What can we currently do to fix our system? Our flaws? The inheritance system? ...READ MORE

An Alien Has Come to Earth


I want to write a story, a future for humans to aspire to.

But a better future would be too dreamy, and realism would be too human.

You can’t rob the realism out of a better future, otherwise it’s going to be un-achievable. But framing all of this onto the human standard, could not manifest the ultimate form of human–the Superman/Übermensch.

Because human in itself is a flawed species, it’s not perfect. However, achieving perfect would be not too human. ...READ MORE

The Country You Need to Fear Meanwhile Salute to


A country that is known for its weirdness and hentainism. And a bunch of weeaboos’ pilgrimage destination. A glamorous sight of this country for the outsiders.

This country once led the global technology in the early 2000s and late 90s. A country that excels at many aspects and hard to fail at competing with other nations in the world.

The last century’s Walkman, cameras and electronics are best made by Japanese companies and corporations. The new installed government not only didn’t fail Japan, but push forwards it to a higher level that caught up with the US. ...READ MORE

The Meaning of Becoming a First World Country

Long time ever since the end of WW2, the rich countries on planet have devised a standard to distinguish other poor countries on the planet.

They title themselves as the first world countries, the “developed” countries. To hit the standard of developed countries, according to Wikipedia,

Economic criteria have tended to dominate discussions. One such criterion is income per capita; countries with high gross domestic product (GDP) per capita would thus be described as developed countries. Another economic criterion is industrialization; countries in which the tertiary and quaternary sectors of industry dominate would thus be described as developed. More recently another measure, the Human Development Index (HDI), which combines an economic measure, national income, with other measures, indices for life expectancy and education has become prominent. This criterion would define developed countries as those with a very high (HDI) rating. ...READ MORE