Just some thoughts, nothing else.

At the moment I am thinking about how do I implement and instill an aphorism into a movie, the kind of aphorism that is hard to manifest on graphics but easy on words.

Humans are geographical species.

And jump from this aphorism, I got carried away by the mainstream, the general public.

I think of the origins of how ethics/morality came to this world, while the mainstream are still doing what they are best at–being mainstream, being careless and oblivious to what are actually important. ...READ MORE

We Were All Mad – Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb Review

This film is exceptionally great at all length for a Cold War satire film.

It tickles many nonsensical and ridiculous aspects of life during the Cold War time. The world was weird, and all crazy, at the time, but it was all true.

The humor and the satire of the film land on its aphorism, and what true cold to bone’s black humor is that you see it as ridiculous, but it ain’t no jokes/it is real. ...READ MORE

The New Return of the Old Cliche – Spider-man: Homecoming Review

It is completely fresh that this new Spider-man movie has brought new life to our typical Spider-man story.

As a reboot of the franchise, the film surprisingly didn’t follow the cliché of how Peter Parker becomes spider-man, but rather focusing on the aftermath of the Civil War and his life as a rookie Stark intern.

And this movie fits heavily into an American teenager’s life, which mainly includes school, love and family. And with the mercurial element of the vigilante Spider-man lifestyle, he loses his control over his life again and again. And Peter struggles to find a balance between his mundane life and the crime-fighter personality. ...READ MORE

Making People Happy

When I was a kid I know I was thinking about making people happy making the people around me happy and the reason why I’m doing I was doing that I sing to you because I think I have an is around me the people that they have and I can do to make tend to be happy is important for for me for environments in in the group so that’s that’s basically how I was thinking back then

I bought saw when I was back then I concentrated on making people to be happy whatever the hobby is either it’s laugh smile or the welfare I mean the true happiness with within the hearts either way I want to make them happy so I try to be I address that I love to make I I loved to make jokes. ...READ MORE

The Damage of Robotic Education

I ask questions, many questions. And many of these many questions are critical questions.

I don’t see others ask these questions. Why? I don’t see them ask questions.

Humans are born questioners. They question everything, from the infinite night sky to who am I.

But, why don’t I see people ask these questions anymore? Is it that the questions are answered? Is it that they already know? Or…? ...READ MORE

Lingua Franca, the Common Language

For most people, language is a basic skill in their lives. The idea of lingua franca was invented long ago, there was that Dutchman who excitedly invented his common language for the world free to use in 18th century. But his language failed, and failed really hard. At the time, the so called lingua francas were actually French and German.

To this day, just 70 years after WW2, English has become the modern time’s lingua franca. And due to the booming of international trade, Internet and all sorts of telecommunication techs that bind the Earth together, a common language is needed necessarily. ...READ MORE

Homo Homini Lupus

Homo homini lupus.

A Latin proverb that translates to “A man is a wolf to another man.”

As an amoral friend of mine says, “Men are no other than bears to each other.”

People routinely put on masks walking among us, the beings underneath the masks may be beasts.

The world we created and developed isn’t exactly what we expect in the first place–a place for human(e) actions. ...READ MORE