The Congenital and the Acquired

As human we live in a society where restrain to inheritance system.

We can’t deconstruct the system per se, inheritance has been in human life probably since civilization. Hence the congenitals.

We have to admit, among most of us, are just ordinary human beings who grow up in a normal environment and fed up with normal juice and corns. But somebodies are born with high standards of living, they are fed up with milk and turkeys, metaphorically. ...READ MORE

The Feud Between China and Japan

Not many people in the west know of the long feud between China and Japan.

Even some of them know the Nanjing/Nanking massacre, but it’s just the tip of the iceberg.

But they know Hitler pretty well.

Far flung territory can’t really relate to the homeland men. Guess this is what all about. 

You have your own things to deal with, we have Hitler, and yet, you have your japs. 

The Linear Design in Dead Space Series

The next Dead Space, has to abandon this design.

A lot of games back in the days have linear design, that’s the thing makes them bad. The problem with a linear designed game, is that players don’t have choices to make other than following what has already been set by the developers.

One particular notorious thing for linear designed and without a consistent plot games is, the Routing Missions. ...READ MORE

Gender Equality

Recently I’ve been researching about gender equality.

Like the recent campaign Free the Nipple, says it’s a movement to seek legal and political rights for women and the attention to respect and equalize women’s position.

And actually this kind of thing always relates to LGBT and whatnots. So one thing for gender equality here is a phenomenon that I need you guys to see.

What would we call a woman if she had sex with multiple men at the same time? – A slut. And it’s a gangbang. But what would a man be called if he had sex with multiple women at the same time? Bros would cherish him if he had done such a “great” move, and sis/gals are like kind of meh about this. ...READ MORE

My Biggest Rant and Pessimism to the Society

Yeah I’m pessimistic to society too, or rather cynical.

I’m just disappointed you know? Humans are disgusting and sometimes I really wonder what’s point of living among all of these stupidest norm and herd?

General public is basically the most no-brainer of the most no-brainer.

And smart people I met, aren’t that much similar to me, they’re either evil or in a way that is stupid either. Flaws. ...READ MORE

Tales from the Borderlands Review

Overall, 5.5/10 or 6/10.

Not exactly a game would recommend to buy if you appreciate the regular way that Telltales does.

All 5 episodes, only like 3 and 5, which are great and fun to play and watch.

Other things, it doesn’t have a very complex story, it got that cheesy taste of humor from Borderlands, but yeah sometimes it’s fun to watch. Character development isn’t as good as other Telltales titles go, for example, TWD season 1 and 2, and Game of Thrones, the Wolf Among Us. So from that it doesn’t have a complex story, very predicatble, lacking a lot of surprises and chills as others do. ...READ MORE

The Eternal Law of Civilizations

Each country, or civilization, has their own progress of advancement.

The strength difference today is the consequences of old times deeds.

Civilizations, juxtaposing two always see the contrasts.

The strongest today might not be the strongest tomorrow. And the weakers today might transform overnight.

Civilizations rise and falter, strong becomes weak, and loser becomes winner. Like a flame, living simultaneously volatile and energetic.  ...READ MORE