Words that sound better however are not that good

A lot of words, they’re very sound, they’re good, once you hear it.

It would enable your associations with lots of good images, given you good old things, by which I mean fantasies.

This is the problem, things that look better, they’re actually not that better. Things that sound better, they’re actually not that good.

Bilingual. Such a fascinating name eh? If someone says you’re a bilingual, should you be pleased and proud at the second they say it? ...READ MORE

“Szzzzzzzz…” Watch Out! The Xenomorph Is Around! – Alien Isolation Review

The game that shits my pants when I was so certain, so assure, that nobody was around and whistled my way down my cozy checkpoint, and the Xenomorph jumped out of nowhere and gave me a death kiss.

And, not to mention the brilliant adaptable Alien’s AI by Creative Assembly.

I just hope you guys can cut the Total War vanilla divided into DLCs bullshts, oh, it’s prabably SEGA’s fault. ...READ MORE

Rubber-band Man

It’s not unusual, to see, how a man can sustain cruel environments under his wits.

I wanna talk about the resilience of human.

Human, is very strong, talking about adaptability.

You give them harsh environments, they can sustain the hurt from it. Make them bend, they won’t get too bogged up. Humans are inherently resilient, I am amazed  by the adaptability the race has. Talking in real life, human itself is so resilient and modifiable for everything. ...READ MORE

The Story of Me and Assassin’s Creed

Not sure how many you folks have entered the series from the very beginning. I first encountered the game was back in 2009, when ACII debuted its brilliant performance for the world. To me, ACII will be and always be the apex of the franchise and continue to inspire fans to follow the grand assassin master Ezio Auditore.

Assassin’s Creed franchise’s every title is bought after each release, no matter how the criticism and reviews are. Talking of video games, I sure have traveled a long trip with thousands of hundreds games, and Assassin’s Creed would always be an axis at the center of everything. ...READ MORE

The Last of Us Review

A very superpar game of contemporary industry.

‘Magine the graphics, the mechanics, the plot, the scope and the character development. Everything, everything is exceeding the present standard.

Naughty Dog sure pulled off a great stunt that has impressed any one of us, even the last of us.

We need to just take a time, to simply appreciate how much work they have put into this work.

I read a lot of reports on how they make a game, and most of them, are action-shooter games. So this type of games needs the team to put on a lot of efforts on cinematics. And one thing we notice is that although the game is very enticing, but we don’t see many characters in the game, the whole world is based on a rather simple setting. And thus they can put a huge amount of time into polishing and QA, QC the whole project. ...READ MORE

Another War Thought

From now, I tend to think that war is a stimulation for the plain dull human life. Humans need excitement, stimulation, they crave for thrills on their nerves.

And objectively, war is not all bad. Though it does bring down the benefits of peace, but it also can accelerate the evolution of technology and all other progressing fields of human society.

War not just brings the conqueror’s culture, but also explodes new possibilities and varieties for primitive cultures. ...READ MORE

The Predicted Short Lifespan of Overwatch

Overwatch is very popular recently, it has risen up to the top one competitive game in South Korea multiplayer games leaderboard, just had happened as the game launched one month before that.

This game, from the start that I got the touch with it, till now that I’m fancying the game.

The game has changed the industry drastically, professional players who do eSports for a living are jumping to Overwatch and leave League behind, for the pure new excitement and pleasure that Overwatch has. In other words, Overwatch is intoxicating. ...READ MORE