An Easy WordPress Setup/Install Guide for Newbies 1

So here I am going to demonstrate/illustrate the full process of creating a WordPress website. Since I am also pretty new to WordPress, but here are what I have concluded, it is going to be simple and easy to understand, a complete layman guide. And it is going to set you up well, just like this site. 


Blogging Monetization

This is a personal blog, meaning it doesn’t really look like any of those focus blogs, news sites.

I write basically everything, anything I can think of or contemplate.

Talking about blogging monetization, it’s really different from blogging itself.

Blogging is content, but monetization is business.


Free Language

Languages in the world are the most fabulous thing ever exists.

The most freely man-made thing is language.

For thousands years, language evolves and emerges, from the old ashes of departed languages come the newborn, from the graves of precedent civilizations we discover the longlost.

Language thrives in and out of human’s life, become more and more diverse, and bonding and breaking.


Science Is Experience

Science opened the gate of modern civilization.

From the First Industrial Revolution to the Second, science has pushed the world towards truth and reasoning.

The First Industrial Revolution is a revolution that formed on the basis of daily experience, people got ideas from their experience thus invented many inventions.


Define Success

As I have to admit, there’s a big portion of people express that they want to be successful.

Nothing wrong with that.

But before you are telling somebody or are quietly talking to yourself, please, define success first.

What is success? And what’s it like to you?

Those failures might not be failures, and those success might not be success.


Problems Inside China Society

What’s wrong with China? Hint: it’s not the government

This is actually a tangible post I found on Internet about the China’s situation. Not going to agree everything he said, but there are things that are true to see here in China.

Even though he asserts a strong positive opinion towards CCP, Chinese Communist Party, condemns pretty much everything of Chinese populace.


A Good Title Is Everything

Nowadays no matter it’s a news site, a blog spot or a YouTube channel, a common phenomenon is the clickbaits.

An image and a title consist pretty much everything of a post window. If you name the title enticing enough and with a well matched tempting image, your post would catch eyeballs, luring people to click on it.